What You Should Know About DIY Teeth Whitening


What You Should Know About DIY Teeth Whitening

It’s completely natural for teeth to become discolored over time. The foods we eat and beverages we drink have pigments in them that can stain (berries, chocolate, wine, coffee, and tea). Additionally, teeth become duller-looking with age, as our tooth enamel naturally becomes thinner, and if you use tobacco of any kind, this can result in fairly stubborn stains and discoloration on the teeth.
Thankfully, there are plenty of options for whitening your teeth both at the dentist’s office and at home.

4 DIY Teeth Whitening Facts You Should Know

1. Avoid Too-Good-to-Be-True Home Remedies

Home remedies or whitening solutions tend not to work and can also be harmful to your teeth. There’s absolutely no evidence that oil pulling or activated charcoal can whiten teeth effectively. In fact, charcoal is overly abrasive and could actually make your teeth look more yellow as a result of wearing away your tooth enamel (the protective outer layer).
Additionally, the trend of mixing fruit juices with vinegar and baking soda is also dangerous for your teeth. These juices and vinegar are highly acidic, which can eat away tooth enamel – especially when combined with an abrasive substance like baking soda. As a result, you’ll be more susceptible to tooth decay and cavities.

2. Using Baking Soda Alone Is Okay

As long as you don’t combine it with anything acidic, gently brushing with a little baking soda and water can effectively remove some of the less stubborn stains on the surface of your tooth enamel, brightening your smile.

3. Use ADA-Approved Whitening Products

For the best results and safest at-home teeth whitening experience, only use whitening products that have been approved by the American Dental Association (ADA). This includes whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, mouthwashes, and other whitening products.
The ADA rates each of these products on a scale of abrasiveness. As a result, these products can provide you with somewhat predictable results that won’t harm the health of your teeth. For example, certain types of whitening toothpaste can whiten your teeth two to four shades, and whitening strips offer even more dramatic results.

4. You Can Whiten Professionally at Home

The safest, most effective way to whiten your teeth at home is with a professional-grade, custom whitening kit from the dentist’s office.

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