How to Calm Your Fear of Going to the Dentist


How to Calm Your Fear of Going to the Dentist

If you experience anxiety when you visit the dentist (or think about visiting the dentist), you’re not alone. Many adults and children fear the dentist, dental cleanings, and dental exams. However, professional dental care is essential to the health of your teeth and your general wellness. Consider the following tips to conquer your fears and finally relax in the dental chair.

5 Tips for Overcoming Dental Anxiety

1. Talk About It

The most important thing you can do to calm your fears is to have an open discussion with your dentist about your worries. Think about what it is that scares you at the dentist (negative past experiences, lack of control, fear of pain, fear of cost, or something else). Sometimes, simply telling the dentist and getting reassurance is enough to calm dental anxiety.

2. Distract Yourself

Most dentists welcome patients to bring headphones and listen to calming music or a podcast during the appointment. This can take your focus off of your dental exam and help you forget to feel afraid. This is especially useful if the strange sounds of the dentist’s office make you uneasy.

3. Try Meditation

Meditation can be a useful practice for overcoming all sorts of life’s stress and anxiety. However, it takes a commitment to practice daily and become proficient enough to see real results.

4. Be Diligent with Oral Hygiene

The better you care for your teeth between your dental appointments, the less work you’ll need when you get to the dentist. When you always receive a good report after a dental exam, your worries around needing more extensive or invasive treatments will eventually go away.

5. Ask About Sedation Dentistry

If your dental phobia is serious enough to keep you from visiting the dentist, you might consider sedation dentistry. Different levels of sedation are available to help patients access dental care without anxiety.

Schedule a Dentist Office Visit in Kenmore

If you’re uneasy or down-right afraid to visit the dentist, we welcome you to schedule a simple visit to our office and a consultation with Dr. Mott. Without any pressure from an actual exam or dental cleaning, you can get acquainted with our staff, our dentist, and our office’s atmosphere. We’ll be happy to talk with you about your concerns and provide you with a variety of sedation dentistry options that can help you access the dental care you need without worry.